Concrete overlay atlanta

Perfect for Old, Damaged Concrete Floors

When you're no longer satisfied with unsightly, aged, or deteriorated concrete, concrete overlays should be your go-to solution. Overlay systems allow us to repair damaged concrete floors while offering a wide range of finishes that beautifully imitate stone, tile, marble, steel-troweled surfaces, hardwood flooring, and even brick. All of our overlay systems can be stained or integrally colored to achieve the specific look and color you desire.
We also offer a selection of protective topcoat finish options suitable for various applications, from residential foot traffic to heavy commercial use.

Concrete Resurfacing In Atlanta
Concrete Resurfacing In Atlanta

Uses and Advantages

Concrete overlay flooring is an excellent choice for residential settings such as garages, basements, and other living spaces. It also proves advantageous in commercial environments like restaurants, offices, and various commercial spaces.

Overlay systems offer exceptional durability, making them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. They are easy to clean and maintain, providing convenience to homeowners and businesses alike.Overlays are particularly suitable for heavily damaged concrete floors that require restoration.

With concrete overlays, a variety of finishes can be achieved, including steel trowel, stone, and marble appearances. Furthermore, the versatility of concrete overlay allows for creative customization, such as cutting the overlay to create decorative effects like tile patterns, diamond shapes, borders, and other unique designs.

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