Basement Flooring Atlanta

Looking for a reliable and affordable solution for your basement flooring? Consider epoxy flooring! Our Atlanta-based team can help you achieve the perfect look.

Add a valuable living space to your home

Basement floors can be a challenge to keep dry and moisture free. However, applying epoxy coating to your basement floor can give you a waterproof solution that also offers long-lasting durability. Our decorative basement epoxy floor coatings provide a beautiful and easy-to-maintain solution. Reduce mold, protect your basement from flooding and cracking, and enjoy a contemporary look.

With epoxy floor coatings and decorative concrete finishes, you will be able to add the basement as a well functioning part and inviting part of your home. Whether you want to turn it into a mancave, game room, movie room or an additional living space, with epoxy you can do just that. Our decorative floor finishes are stain and scratch resistant, pet friendly, light reflective, moisture resistant and will not harbor dirt, mold, allergens or bacteria.

At Marlon Hurtado LLC, we believe concrete is more than just a building material. It’s a way to define your style and add value to your home. We want every family to be able to take pride in their space and have it stand out from the rest. We guarantee that your epoxy basement floor Atlanta will look great, and you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Reach out to us today so we can get started!

Basement Epoxy Flooring In Atlanta GA

Basement Floor Finishes

Epoxy flooring can be the right solution for Atlanta basement floors, but the concrete has to be prepped prep correctly before applying it. We have installed hundreds of epoxy basement floors in Atlanta, and we know what it takes to have a durable, long-lasting solution. Paint will peel easily and won’t provide much resistance over time; epoxy flooring and decorative concrete provide a much better option for your basement floor needs.

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