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Protect your commercial floors with epoxy flooring! Our team in Atlanta offers high-quality and customizable options for all types of businesses.

Commercial & Industrial Flooring

The significance of commercial flooring in Atlanta cannot be understated as it plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. As a business owners there are huge investment required for establishing and maintaining a physical store or commercial space. While concrete is a durable material suitable for various commercial properties, it may not always provide the most aesthetically pleasing flooring solution.

Fortunately, at Marlon Hurtado LLC, we offer decorative concrete floor options in Atlanta that can transform your commercial or industrial raw concrete into masterful works of art. We offer multiple floor systems to address specific requirements for commercial, industrial, and retail flooring markets. Whether you are looking for high performance, extreme durability, ease of maintenance, or a distinctive beautiful look, we have a system that will meet your demands.

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Commercial Flooring Benefits

Your Atlanta commercial flooring can make or break your business. From providing a safe walking surface for your staff and clients, to creating an ambience and a place where your brand and merch can stand out, commercial floors have to perform and meet the business requirements. Epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete floors, can bring a lot of benefits unmatched by traditional commercial floor options.

  • Durable- Superior chemical and abrasion resistance over pre-engineered floors
  • Decorative - Custom colors and textures available to compliment any decor
  • Economical - Cost-effective alternative to pre-engineered floors
  • Safe- Orange peel texture or an added anti-slip agent that increases slip-resistance and safety
  • Clean- Wax-free and economical to clean with soap and water
  • Monolithic- Seamless flow of wall-to-wall beauty that does not collect dirt, moisture or germs
  • Low Sound- Seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts
  • Renewable- After years of use, efficiently revitalize your epoxy floor system by sanding the surface and applying a new topcoat

Commercial Epoxy and polished concrete Flooring Applications

Commercial Epoxy Flooring is versatile and can be installed in a number of flooring applications. From tackling tremendous weight, extreme temperatures, repeated impact, high foot traffic and the need for safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing finish, epoxy and polished concrete make a great flooring for Atlanta's busy commercial properties.

  • Aircraft hangars and airports
  • Warehouses, green houses and industrial hallways
  • Country clubs, hotels and resorts
  • Retail stores, grocery stores
  • Commercial garages, auto dealerships, showrooms, car parks
  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs
  • Locker rooms, schools, changing rooms, stadiums, public showers
Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Atlanta GA

Commercial Flooring Options

At Marlon Hurtado LLC, we specialize in offering a wide range of flooring options to cater to our Atlanta customers' diverse needs. Whether you're looking for the perfect flooring system for your warehouse, retail store, or industrial site, we have you covered. Each flooring type we offer comes with its own set of aesthetic and functional advantages, ensuring that you find the ideal solution for your specific requirements. Click on each floor to learn more.

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