Residential Flooring Atlanta

Looking for a durable and stylish flooring option for your home? Consider residential epoxy flooring and decorative concrete floors in Atlanta.

Residential Interior Flooring

Do you want floors that are long-lasting, look good and are safe for your family? Epoxy floors and decorative polished concrete might be just want you are looking for. Ideal for use in any part of your home from your basement and garage, to your bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and hallways.

Compared to traditional floor options for Atlanta homes, our seamless decorative floors, are long-lasting, non-porous, easy to clean and maintain, affordable and customizable.

Thanks to their seamless finish, epoxy and polished concrete do not harbor allergens, dust mites, dirt, bacteria or grime, making them one of the very few truly hypoallergenic floors.

Both floors have light reflective surface that can decrease your energy bills, as well as the thermal propeties of polished concrete can help keep your Atlanta home warm during winter and cool during the summer months.

Our epoxy floors come in a variety of colors, textures and finishes and are extremely easy to customize to match with any interior design.

Epoxy and polished concrete are not only a safe option for your family but also for your pets. They are low VOCs, as well as they are pet claw scratch resistant and urine stain resistant.

Residential Epoxy Flooring In Atlanta GA
Residential Epoxy Flooring In Atlanta Georgia

Residential exterior concrete resurfacing

Your outdoor concrete surfaces work hard under the challenging Atlanta weather. From rain, cold weather and direct sunlight, our outdoor driveways, walkways and patios are constantly exposed to a wear and tear. If you have raw unsealed concrete surfaces, they are prone to cracking, chipping and staining. Once they have started to cracks, weeds and grass can easily start to grow through them and water sweeping underneath to your home foundations.

Fortunatelly epoxy floor coatings are an easy and affordable way to preserve your outdoor surfaces, without the need of entirely replacing them.

Our outdoor floor finishes will protect the floors from water, discoloration, stains, weeds and abrasion, while elevating your curb appeal.

Our decorative outdoor concrete finishes come in the form of concrete staining, concrete overlays, epoxy flake and metallic epoxy. To ensure they stay safe when wet, we can incorporate an anti-slip agent to the final protective coat.

Contact us today to receive your FREE in-house floor estimate. All of our floors come with a warranty agains delaminating or product failure due to improper installation.

Residential Flooring Options

Whether you want to improve the look of your interior floors or exterior floors, at Marlon Hurtado LLC we have a flooring solution for every part of your home. Our interior floor coatings are guaranteed to elevate your space, while our exterior floor finishes will protect your outdoor surfacase and home form damage.

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